We felt like superheroes on our wedding day and we want you to as well!!

We felt like superheroes on our wedding day and we want you to as well!!

Who Are We?

We are Mandi and Michael Holmes. We got married in 2012 and had a photobooth at our wedding and it was just a blast! We noticed that a number of our friend's events had photobooths as well, and we quickly realized just what fun and a creative way it was to capture unique moments from a really lovely event, without hoping that the roaming photographer captures those moments for you. With Mandi's background in photography, crafting abilities, and having a few friends in the know to give us pointers, we got to talking and realized that this was something that we'd love to bring to people.

Mandi can craft a fun custom background or props for your event if you like, and loves to bring unique touches to each event. Both Mandi and Michael have backgrounds in customer service and events planning, and they both take pride in being a pleasant (and rather invisible unless needed!) fixture at your party. Because whether it's a wedding or a corporate event, we know how much work and stress goes into your big day and we want to be a part of helping it be the most fun it can be for your guests. 

What We Do

Ghost Light Photography is a self running, portable photography studio for you and your guests to enjoy at your event. We provide all that you need for the best in open air photobooth technology and stunning, high rez, sharable digital photos. We set it all up for you and let you and your guests have all the fun while staying nearby if questions are in need of answers, but allowing everyone's full wacky selves come out. We have a variety of gorgeous backdrops to choose from as well as really fun custom creation options as well! We're dedicated to providing you with a high quality keepsake for you and your guests for years to come

Why do we choose open air?

While there are some super cool looking booth structures out there, we want your guests experience to go beyond the event itself. We want them to leave feeling like they got more than just a strip in their hand, rather we want them to have something that they feel they can print and hang on the wall, a special memento that will last. That's why we filter all our photos before you get them and give you images that fit the feel you are going for. Not cookie cutter images but a personal touch.

Not to mention that open air fits SO many more people in it than the confines of a traditional booth!!!

We also feel that the opportunity for each guest to have control of the shutter is important. We want them to have the chance to tell the story they want to tell and be the rock star that they want to be with no stranger in their face taking photos or time limits to get the right shot! We're on hand for questions but your guests get to express themselves fully and warm up as they need to in our booth.

Why It's Important to Us

Our own wedding photo booth was an incredible gift to us and our guests. We want to give other people the opportunity to have a truly special keepsake that goes beyond the night of the event and that they can be proud to share with their friends and family. It's important to us to create something fun, one-of-a-kind, and entertaining that everyone can be proud of and enjoy.